If you’re a rehab outpatient

… Achieve more from your therapy by working with the right physical therapist one-on-one
… Don’t push your limits and injure yourself
… Aim for the best results with a positive attitude
… See results faster when you do your personalized PT exercises at home

Get the Best Results from Your Outpatient Rehabilitation

If your doctor prescribes outpatient rehabilitation to assist in recovery from an injury or a surgery, you should do everything you can to take advantage of the treatment. Your recovery will be more complete and quicker, most likely, if you know how to get the most out of your rehabilitation. Learn how to take full advantage of your outpatient physical therapy and maximize your results.

Choose the Right Physical Therapist

Much of your recovery success will depend on your relationship with a physical therapist. You’ll have the best chance for an optimum recovery if you go to the most qualified outpatient rehabilitation center for your type of injury or surgery.

After researching staff qualifications online, always choose a licensed physical therapist. Call ahead before an appointment and ask about their specialties, philosophies and favorite techniques. Find out if the physical therapist you choose will work with your doctor to achieve your recovery goals.

Physical therapy is more than sitting on a table passively while your therapist moves you around. In addition to passive modalities, your therapist should show you specific equipment and exercises you can use to correctly work your body and improve function to treat your injury or surgery.

Prioritize One-on-One Care

Every practice is different, so ask about their ability to provide comprehensive one-on-one care. Personalized care not only addresses your specific conditions, it will also energize your best recovery. For instance, The True Sports therapists provide at least 60 minutes of one-on-one physical therapy work with you at each appointment.

Work with the Same Physical Therapist Every Time

Once you find a physical therapist who seems like a good match for you, make sure you book your therapist for every single one of your appointments. Some practices prefer to rotate therapists. We find this can lead to inconsistent treatment for the patient. You’ll recover better if the same physical therapist is monitoring your progress and helping you follow a plan tailored to your recovery goals.

Do Your Exercises (At Home)

Physical therapy requires work after your appointments. You are expected to do daily exercises at home as instructed by your therapist. It’s vital that you exercise as directed, so your progress doesn’t backslide in between therapy sessions. Your body needs to build strength and range of motion so it can function normally again. Your diligence in performing your personalized exercises plan will have a huge impact on your recovery.

Aim for the Best Rather Than the Fastest Results

While physical therapy may sometimes feel like you’re pushing your limits, don’t go overboard. You’re in recovery and shouldn’t try any movements or activities that can put your progress at risk. Talk to your physical therapist about limits. A little discomfort and pain are expected during rehab, but you shouldn’t do anything that can endanger a surgery or exacerbate an injury. Know your limits and stay within them.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Outpatient rehabilitation can feel long and arduous when you’re used to leading a more active, healthy life. Some people might start to feel down about not being able to do their favorite activities or sport when they do not make progress as fast as they hoped. You’ll do much better to keep a positive outlook, however.

Keeping a good attitude will help you work hard and make good choices that will promote a complete recovery. To keep the blues away, communicate with your physical therapist about reasonable expectations and celebrate each milestone you reach. Rehabilitation doesn’t last forever and keeping your spirits up can do much for your mind and your body.

If you are beginning outpatient rehab soon, keep these tips in mind for a better experience and recovery. You’ll find that physical therapy will go much smoother and you’ll see the results you want sooner when you take steps to make the most of your rehab. Talk to your physical therapist about other ways to be successful and stay positive.

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Updated: 03/23/20