Staying Motivated to Stay Fit

Even if exercise is something you love to do, life will invariably throw roadblocks in your way which can make getting around to working out difficult. These obstacles can become majorly demotivate even the most dedicated athlete. One of the most common reasons why people will skip a work out, or not exercise at all, is a lack of time. Many of these perceived obstacles come back to this point – they take time away from you that you’d otherwise use to exercise.

Well, at the end of the day this demotivation and perceived lack of time tend to exist mostly in your head. For the majority of people there is time to exercise. Unfortunately, many of these same people fall into the trap of not treating their workout sessions like they do other duties in life.

Make Exercise a Habit

Your workout session should be a facet of your day that has the same importance as anything else, like showing up to work on time. Many people treat their sessions as “optional” parts of their day that can be discarded to make time and space for anything that may come up. If you want to succeed in your athletic pursuits, you must make working out a concrete part of your daily schedule. Be proactive about planning your sessions and make them mandatory.

Only You Dictate Your Success

Setbacks and challenges are a part of the human experience. You can’t let these instances get in the way of you as you chase your goals. There’s only one person that controls how fit you are, and it’s you. When it comes to competition time the excuses aren’t going to make you sprint faster, jump higher, or maintain your pace. Taking personal responsibility for your actions and dedicating yourself to being the best version of yourself that you can is the best way to reach your potential.

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

Have trouble with self-motivating, even though you know what’s at stake? Don’t get stuck in a rut of negative introspection – find a workout partner! Simply having someone else with similar goals to keep you accountable for maintaining your workout volume/intensity can make indescribable differences to your successes as an athlete. Never be afraid to seek the support of others, it can be one of the best motivators out there.