If you love league sports

… Join one of Volo City’s co-ed sports leagues.

… Volunteer with the Volo City Kids Foundation.

… Treat sports injuries or rehab with Volo City therapy partner True Sports Physical Therapy 

Building Baltimore Communities Through Sports

True Sports is the official therapy provider to Volo City, a group that enables communities to pursue fit and healthy lives. We are proud to partner with and support an organization that shares our goal of promoting physical activity and wellness among athletes of all ages – especially in Baltimore and the surrounding area.

Volo City’s mission is to “create opportunities for social interactions that strengthen communities and provide economic impact.” The organization is inspired by America’s earliest days when neighbors build strong relationships and unity through games with set rules. Today, Volo City strives to keep that sense of community alive by creating an environment where anyone can participate and excel at a sport they love. 

Strong Roots in the Communities of Maryland

Like True Sports, Volo City begins in Maryland. The company begins as a small team of 16 people who start playing bocce volo together in Baltimore. Since forming their first league in 2010, the group has expanded to over 125,000 members across eight cities around the country.

Today, Volo City offers social and performance leagues for dozens of sports to appeal to players of all ages and abilities. Those players from the Baltimore area often find themselves seeking treatment and advice for sports injuries and performance at one of True Sports’ state-of-the-art sports physical therapy facilities where we also gladly serve athletes of all sports, ages and abilities. 

Giving Everyone Equal Opportunity to Play Sports

Building strong communities through social and athletic activities has long been the goal of Volo City. The organization believes in:

-Treating people as equal

-Removing barriers to entry – despite age, gender or ability

-Creating value for the communities they serve

-Giving the same effort for a 10-person event as for one with 1,000 participants or more

Whether you need an outlet for your competitive spirit or just want to have fun, Volo City has over 21 co-ed sports leagues in each of its locations. From football, basketball and soccer to yoga, sailing, darts, dodgeball and more, there’s an activity for everyone. Members can choose the right league for them based on game, neighborhood and day of the week.

Volo City also offers corporate and enterprise events to promote a sense of community within existing groups. The organization also offers unique volunteer opportunities for companies looking to give back to their communities.

Volo City Kids Foundation

To provide playing opportunities for all young people, Volo City has always let kids play for free. Funded by adult league fees, the Volo City Kids Foundation organizes and manages sports leagues for youth ages six to 12 at zero cost to their families. Playing with Volo City, kids can: 

-learn team play,

-connect with community members like other youth and volunteers,

-enjoy healthy physical activities and snacks with each other, parents and volunteers.

Volunteering with the Kids Foundation is also a great way for community members to support future community members and indulge in their love of sports. The Kids Foundation is just one way Volo City encourages socializing and community-building through physical activities. 

Sports Physical Therapy for Every Competitor

With so many different players with different interests and abilities, it’s vital to have a trusted physical therapy partner to cater to Volo City members’ needs.

True Sports offers expert sports-specific physical therapy services that can be tailored to anyone’s unique physique and skill level. When Baltimore area members of Volo City need treatment after a sports injury, they often visit a member of our specialized team. Our physical therapists are trained and experienced in helping athletes rehabilitate after injuries and improve their technique and performance in the future.

Sports injuries can keep you from playing the game you love as well as participating in normal daily activities. True Sports physical therapists use a variety of therapies and methods to promote healing, relieve pain and prevent future injuries so that Volo City members can get back to their league, their community and their sports.

Communities rely on healthy citizens to thrive. While Volo City encourages physical fitness and socializing, True Sports encourages safe and effective athletic training and participation as well as rehabilitation after injury or surgery. As partners, we help Baltimore area sports enthusiasts find each other, make new friends and play their games to the best of their abilities.

True Sports Physical Therapy – Where Maryland Athletes Rehab

At True Sports, we’re sports-focused because you’re sports-focused. The best physical therapists in Baltimore and Maryland provide the highest level of sports physical therapy and expertise you need to get back to your sport. With six convenient state-of-the-art locations to choose from, any athlete who takes their rehab seriously can get awesome care and extraordinary results. Select your location and schedule an appointment and have True Sports get you back to your team. For questions about insurance or self-pay rates, please call our office at 1-401-946-1672.