What is Sports Specific Rehabilitation?

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What Makes Sport Specific Rehabilitation So Special?

There is a major difference between general rehabilitation following an injury and one that has a sports-specific focus. For the discerning athlete, there is simply no comparison between the two. Seeking any treatment that doesn’t place a focus on the movements and forces that an athlete can expect to experience in their specific sport could prove to be a crucial mistake for an athlete competing at any level of play. An elite athlete attending standard physical therapy sessions would be akin to taking a Maserati into the local mechanic’s garage and hoping that everything turns out alright.

At True Sports Physical Therapy we pride ourselves on being a regional leader in sports specific rehabilitation techniques. We work with our patients to develop individualized therapeutic regiments addressing the needs of their sport as well as the nuances of their specific physiology and injury. Our staff of seasoned therapists know how the different components of your musculoskeletal system interact with one another and how this relates to the demands placed upon your body by your sport of choice.sports-specific-rehabilitation

But what are the specific benefits that you can expect to receive from this type of specialized treatment?

The Advantages of Sports-Specific Rehabilitation

Hundreds of thousands of Americans require hospitalization for sports injuries each year. In fact, injuries caused by participation in sporting events are the most common form of musculoskeletal injury today. Fortunately, manual therapies have been proven to be one of the most successful methods for helping athletes not only recover from their injuries, but also return to their former level of participation in their sport of choice.

Every sport places a specific set of strains on the human body. It would make very little sense to approach the physical therapy for a shoulder injury in a golfer and a football player the same way. They are using these parts of their body for very distinct functions and placing them through differing ranges of motion as they participate in their sport.

The way in which these sports-specific stressors impact the body of an athlete can also be influenced by the specific physiological makeup or “build” of that athlete. By taking this into account, any pre-existing physiological imbalances or potentially damaging patterns of motion can be addressed in order to further reduce the chance of re-injury.

Aside from addressing the needs of the individual athlete in the context of their sport, there are many other benefits to this type of physical therapy, including but not limited to:

  • Increased cellular metabolism (encouraging healing of the damaged tissue)
  • Increased circulation in the injured area (further encouraging healing processes)
  • Strengthening of weakened muscles and prevention of muscular atrophy
  • Stimulation of joint receptors
  • Restoration of range of motion and increased flexibility in tight muscles
  • Increased lymphatic drainage
  • Increased extensibility of connective and supporting tissue structures
  • Relief of muscular spasms

At True Sports Physical Therapy we are truly dedicated to helping you return to play and succeed as an athlete in spite of your injury. We combine a wide variety of rehabilitation tactics and strategies in order to craft a customized treatment plan, just for you. We want to help you get on the most direct and effective pathway to recovery. To learn more about our state of the art rehabilitation facility or to make an appointment, please contact us at (410) 989-3833

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