If your doctor recommends physical therapy

… Attend every session to heal faster and more effectively. Don’t forget your home exercises, either.

… Relieve pain from a sports injury, a surgery and even PT exercises with different therapy modalities.

… Restore mobility, reduce the risk of arthritis and prevent injury in the future with a personalized plan for physical therapy rehabilitation.

Yes, You Need Your Physical Therapy

If your physician recommends physical therapy, it’s for a good reason. Sometimes a sports injury needs additional attention to heal correctly. In the case of surgery, physical therapy will continue the treatment of the affected area in the body for rehabilitation. Sports physical therapy uses a variety of exercises and therapy techniques to manage pain, stimulate healing and restore normal function after an injury or a surgery.

Whether you commit to attending your physical therapy sessions or not is another matter. It can be difficult to fit appointments into your busy schedule. Physical therapy appointments can take as much as three hours of your time each week, usually for at least six weeks, plus more time to do exercises at home. That’s a big commitment.

Benefits of Personalized Physical Therapy Plans

The benefits of sports physical therapy, however, make the commitment worth it. We’re talking not only about your overall health, we’re talking about your future sports performance as well. Your doctor will recommend the number of sessions and the length of treatment that are ideal for your rehabilitation. By following your doctor’s orders, you can accelerate your healing and return to your sport at a level of performance the way your left it – if not better.

In addition, your sports physical therapist will create a personalized exercise plan for you that addresses the specific condition of your injury or surgery and your pain level, giving you the best possible opportunity to rehabilitate completely.

Still not sure physical therapy is for you? Maybe you’re tempted to skimp on the time necessary in PT. Consider these benefits of attending physical therapy after sustaining a sports injury. 

Relieve Pain

You could still be experiencing pain from your injury and will most likely have some pain from a surgery. In addition to a customized physical therapy exercise plan, orthopedic therapies, dry needling, cupping therapy and manual therapy can relieve the pain in your joints and soft tissues. Your physical therapist can show you stretches and exercises to reduce painful stiffness. A sports physical therapist can also analyze your movements when you play your sport and offer tips for better technique that will allow you to utilize the mechanisms in your body for better performance and to prevent future strain and injury.

Restore Mobility

If you miss running on the field, swinging your racquet or swimming the butterfly stroke, take advantage of your physical therapy to get you out there competing again. Sports injuries can cause stiffness and reduced mobility, preventing you from performing at your usual level. Sports physical therapy puts you through the rigors of stretching and strengthening exercises to restore your mobility and function.

An experienced sports physical therapist can combine an understanding of your physique and your sport in creating a custom therapy plan for you. If you follow their guidance, they can help you perform even better than before in your sport.

Reduce the Risk of Arthritis

You may think you’re too young to be thinking about arthritis yet, but fractured bones from sports injuries put you at higher risk for developing it later. A sports physical therapist can teach you exercises to increase flexibility and improve muscle strength, two keys to preventing this condition with painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints.

Prevent Future Injuries

A sports physical therapist’s job isn’t just to help you recover from an injury or a surgery. They can help you prevent future injuries, too. 

Most sports injuries are caused by repetitive motions or sudden, stressful motions. Your physical therapist can show you stretches and exercises that condition your body to better withstand the actions required in your sport. They can look at your technique and help you improve it, so you use movements that are less stressful on your body.

Sports physical therapy can take a lot of work and time, but the choice is up to you. Do you want to heal faster and better to return to your sport in great condition, or sit back and hope for the best?

Avoiding PT Only Hurts You

Neglecting physical therapy can have lifelong consequences for the health and function of your body. More immediately, it can prevent you from enjoying your favorite sport. You may never play the same way again without rehab. You could face residual pain and stiffness without the treatment of a qualified sports physical therapist.

Take your doctor’s recommendations to heart and do what’s best for your health. Attend those physical therapist appointments and enjoy a speedy recovery.

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