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Before the year 2000, no one had heard of CrossFit. Now, more than 13,000 people practice this competitive fitness sport at brand-affiliated athletic facilities like True Sports Physical Therapy, with many more utilizing CrossFit methods at home. Most are drawn to the unique combination of fitness activities that CrossFit embodies and the challenge of mastering them to improve their physical fitness faster than other regiments. 

The goal of CrossFit workouts is to achieve optimum fitness by improving strength, endurance, agility, balance and flexibility. CrossFit trainees practice a variety of high-intensity power exercises to reach their goals. They build muscle, increase oxygen intake and burn calories to manage weight. 

Because of the intense nature of CrossFit, the regimen sometimes gets a bad rap for causing injuries when athletes overexert themselves. The best way to prevent injury is to work with a physical therapist who can help you train safely and effectively.

The True Sports Sweet Spot – Experienced CrossFit Physical Therapists

Whether you are a weekend CrossFitter or a competitive Olympic Weightlifter, True Sports Physical Therapy is prepared to assist you to reach your goals. We understand that athletes want to learn from a sport-specific specialist, which is why we have USAW-certified therapists (USA Weightlifting) ready to return you to your sport, pain-free.

Some of our therapists are fellow competitive CrossFitters, Olympic weightlifters, powerlifters, and Strong Man athletes. We understand your sport and will design a training program specifically tailored to you and your fitness goals. From movement assessment, a tune-up or post-surgical rehab, True Sports specialists are ready to train you as they have done so with multiple Regional-, National- and Game-level athletes.

The True Test - Expert Injury Prevention

CrossFit is about pushing the limits of your physical abilities, not breaking them. When you’ve taken your body too far and find yourself in pain, the CrossFit experts at True Sports Physical Therapy can guide you through a rehabilitation plan that relieves your pain and educates you on how to perform better so that you are no longer as susceptible to injury. We help you make the most of your CrossFit training and reach your goals faster and safer than before.

At True Sports Physical Therapy, we help CrossFit enthusiasts of all levels train and return to the sport they love by supporting them through recovery from athletic injuries and practicing safe exercise techniques to prevent future injuries. 

Using poor form, performing repetitive motions and overworking your body are all common mistakes made by CrossFitters that can lead to injury. Consequently, at True Sports, we often see CrossFit athletes who are suffering from:

  • Low back pain
  • Rotator cuff tendonitis
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Knee injuries
  • Tennis elbow
  • Shoulder impingement
  • Thoracic pain
  • Neck pain
  • Plantar fasciitis pain
  • Hip impingement

All of these conditions can keep you from reaching your fitness goals, not to mention enjoying normal daily activities. It is important to take a break and seek treatment for all types of pain and injuries before returning to CrossFit training. True Sports can help.

We specialize in helping athletes understand their bodies so they can pursue their fitness goals safely and successfully. Our True Sports therapists combine their knowledge of anatomy and physiology with your drive for success to create a custom plan for your rehabilitation and conditioning so you can return to your CrossFit training faster and more ready than ever.

We look at your favorite CrossFit exercises, the injuries you have sustained and your risk of further injury and complications. 

Our CrossFit physical therapy experts will help you understand what muscles and joints you use during your CrossFit activities and the mechanics of how they work together so you can use them safely while maximizing the results you want. We can help identify the cause of your pain and help improve your technique to prevent future pain. 

With this knowledge, we can design daily workouts that will improve your strength and endurance and get you back in shape for your CrossFit training regimen. We can show you how to:

  • Stretch properly
  • Use proper fitness technique
  • Target weak muscles
  • Train muscles to work as a group
  • Develop good stability
  • Increase range of motion

Whether you need advice for training properly or guidance as you recover from pain and injury, collaborating with your True Sports CrossFit expert will give you the tools you need to develop the versatility and power you need for peak CrossFit performance.

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