Lower Back Pain

Low back pain is the 2nd most common reason for a trip to the doctor. The spine is one of the most complex structures in the human body. Within the adult spine there are then 50 facet joints, 23 intervertebral discs, 33 pairs of spinal nerves, and a multitude of joint capsules, ligaments, muscles and tendinous attachments. With all of these structures to consider, and the limitations of even the most modern diagnostic tests and imaging, it is often difficult to pinpoint the culprit in lower back pain.

Every spine is different, and so every patient is treated differently. The therapists at True Sports Physical Therapy will put their finger, literally, on what is causing your back pain. Therapists will dedicate one-on-one focused time to diagnose and complete the full rehabilitation process. By tailoring a physical therapy program to the patient’s goals, you can overcome your back pain and return to your desired levels of activity.

"True Sports knows baseball rehab. If you have an injury, these guys are the best in the biz. In all my major league experience, I have never had such great service and expertise. I can't recommend them enough."

- Sam Fuld 2x All-American, 8 year Major League Outfielder.


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