Olympic Weightlifting for Sports Performance


Maximize Your Explosive Power

Olympic Weightlifting programs at True Sports are designed for anyone who wants to improve sports performance and fitness. Increasingly popular with women, Olympic weightlifting appeals especially to cross-fitters, cross-trainers, fitness junkies, elite athletes and of course, Olympic competitors.

Athletes compete in the sport of Olympic weightlifting during the Olympic Games, although other competitions are held locally, nationally and internationally. You can use the competition lifts -the snatch and the clean and jerk- as well as variations such as the power snatch and the power clean to help improve aspects of your athletic performance like strength, power and speed. 

The overhead lifting ignites a full-body range of motion with the goal of raising maximum weight all in one motion as fast as possible. The time investment of learning to perform Olympic lifts and the variations with proper form is well worth your effort, since few exercises in a training regimen can develop your explosiveness, coordination and full-body strength while mimicking the change-of-direction demands on an athlete that so many sports require.

What sets Olympic weightlifting apart from powerlifting? Speed. While powerlifting divides its motion into three separate slower movements to achieve a lift successfully, Olympic lifting combines the separate movements into one quick fluid motion, which can yield impressive results for you – all in the name of improving your Rate of Force Development (RFD), a reliable measure of your body’s ability to maintain a high rate of force output through an entire movement in a short amount of time .


The True Sports Sweet Spot – See Your RFD Rise

At True Sports Physical Therapy, many of our physical therapists specialize in Olympic weightlifting, providing expert knowledge in ways of performing lifts properly to improve athletic performance and to help our clients progress further with their rehabilitation.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) studies the scientific reasoning behind incorporating Olympic weightlifting into your training to enhance sports performance. Many sports require you to have a combination of strength and speed, known as explosive power, to play to your full potential. Many conditioning coaches agree the most successful athletes can harness their strength instantly.

Olympic Weightlifting Programs

    The NASM finds Olympic weightlifting programs can improve your RFD explosive power. Evidence shows training with Olympic lifts and the variations can improve RFD, high-load speed strength, maximum strength and vertical jump performance. A higher RFD is linked to enhanced performance in:

    • Sprinting
    • Cycling
    • Jumping
    • Weightlifting
    • Golf (improved swing)
    • Football and similar team sports
    • Explosive strength in general

    Olympic weightlifting at True Sports will improve:

    • Your ability to perform with proper form and balance
    • Your ability to lift more weight
    • Your ability to move fast, in a very short period
    • Your ability to perform in your sport and fitness level


      "There is no PT practice that knows lacrosse rehab like True Sports. They work with the best and provide the best. Highly recommend to any of teammates.”

      - Deemer Class, 2x NCAA Champion, Duke MLAX.

      "True Sports knows lacrosse rehab. They are by far the best sports physical therapy providers I have worked with. I highly recommend them for any sports rehab needs.”

      - K. Harrison, 2x National champion, Tewaaraton Award winner.

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      - Max Seibald, Tewaaraton Winner, 2 time Team USA Player and Team Israel player





      The True Test – Ratchet Up Your Awesomeness

      In addition to maximizing your explosive strength and enhancing your sports performance, Olympic weightlifting conditioning programs provide other awesome benefits.

      • Olympic weightlifting increases lean body mass and reduces body fat percentage, so you end up with a leaner, tighter, sculpted physique.
      • Olympic weightlifting is unique in that you get a full workout in a shorter workout session.
      • Olympic weightlifting not only takes your core to task, your abs, arms, shoulders, back, legs and butt will be stronger than ever.
      • Olympic weightlifting supercharges all of your other workouts.
      • Olympic weightlifting can enhance the health of your bones. Studies show Olympic weightlifters have a higher bone mineral density than average healthy people.
      • Olympic weightlifting requires a high level of skill and also offers opportunity to increase your self-esteem and your sense of accomplishment while brightening your mental outlook as you hone your technique.

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