Blood Flow Restriction


Cutting-Edge Rehab for the Fastest Progress

Building muscle and gaining strength are often an athlete’s major goals for ongoing physical training. Typically, we grow muscles and increase strength by adding heavy weightlifting to our workout regimens.

Building muscle and gaining strength are also two of an athlete’s major goals when recovering from injury or a recent surgery. To achieve this during physical rehabilitation, True Sports offers a painless, cutting-edge technique called Blood Flow Restriction training, or BFR.

One of the newest rehab training techniques to develop from successful bodybuilder programs, BFR involves temporarily decreasing venous blood flow to an injured limb by applying a tourniquet during exercise. This restriction mimics the effects of lifting very heavy weights, so the body thinks it’s working hard to move more weight when in actuality, it’s not. The goal is for patients to make greater gains by lifting lighter loads while reducing the overall stress placed on the affected limb.

With BFR training, athletes can protect their injured or recovering limbs in the healing process while creating the same hypertrophy and strength response as if they were lifting heavy weights. The result – quicker muscle growth that allows for faster progress, which ultimately means getting you back on the field quicker than ever.

Another benefit of BFR is called muscle activation. Often muscles will shut down, especially as a result of surgery. Patients sometimes find it difficult to get those muscles working again and use them efficiently. BFR training forces muscles to kick into gear, speeding the activation process more effectively.


The True Sports Sweet Spot – Dramatically Decrease Muscle Growth Time

Muscle hypertrophy, the process of increasing the size or the growing of muscle cells, needs two essential ingredients for success: stimulation and repair.

When your muscle is working it contracts repeatedly, stimulating the breakdown of the internal fibers. As muscles fibers are essentially damaged during your workout, it makes them ready for repair.

After the workout, when your muscles are resting, new fibers are produced to help repair and replace the damaged ones. This is when muscle growth takes place.

To start the hypertrophy process for muscle growth, it typically takes about six weeks.

With BFR training, muscle building can start as early as two weeks, decreasing the time by almost 67%.

The physical therapists at True Sports have an expert-level foundation of knowledge in anatomy, physiology, therapeutic exercise and the cardiorespiratory system as well as muscular and vascular anatomy and the monitoring of physiological vital signs and blood flow – all essential for administering BFR training safely.

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- Deemer Class, 2x NCAA Champion, Duke MLAX.

"True Sports knows lacrosse rehab. They are by far the best sports physical therapy providers I have worked with. I highly recommend them for any sports rehab needs.”

- K. Harrison, 2x National champion, Tewaaraton Award winner.

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- Max Seibald, Tewaaraton Winner, 2 time Team USA Player and Team Israel player





The True Test – Research Supports BFR Effectiveness

Research suggests loading requirements during traditional weightlifting need to be heavier than 65% of a person’s one rep max to achieve gains in hypertrophy gains. With blood flow restriction training, loads as low as 20 to 30 percent of a person’s one rep max can create the same hypertrophy stimulation. 

Growth hormone secretion levels are 170% higher after BFR than after traditional weightlifting, meaning a large increase in protein synthesis coupled with little muscle damage means the body is in a very good place for building muscle.

BFR training can reduce blood pressure and improve cognitive decline.

BFR is also being tested as an effective rehabilitation tool for older adults with knee osteoarthritis.

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